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Setting Up Playrooms for Success!

 Playroom Before    Playroom After

Preventing kid’s spaced from being eternally chaotic is a big challenge. It can seem like just as every toy has been put away, suddenly they are sprawled back out along the floor. Though the ever tidy look isn’t realistic for play spaces especially for younger children, there are many organizational solutions that make clean up time and toy management much simpler.

Tip 1: Use bins and cubbies that can be easily stored away when play time is over, but are easily accessible to your kids. For example, the fabric cubes fit a variety of types of toys and are light weight for kids to pull out. However all of the toys can also be thrown quickly back into them and put back on their shelf! Adding labels to these bins also help to prevent the mix-match of the toys.

Tip 2: Use large storage furniture such as a bench, ottoman or toy chest for bulkier items like stuff animals or play forts. Fluffy toys can be hard to contain because of the space they take up, but a piece such as a toy chest that can also work as a bench is a great option to house these items. Also remember to try to purge old and out grown toys as often as possible to prevent toy overloads.

Tip 3: If you kid’s play space is in their room, use the space underneath the bed! With long plastic storage containers, under the bed is a great space for heavier items like toy cars, Legos or Barbie collections.


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