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Solutions to Make Hosting Guests Simple

Bath accessories

Preparing for last minute guests can cause a frenzy of cleaning, prepping and making it easy for your guests to feel at home. However with some simple organization tricks, we can cut your prep time in half and let you enjoy your company!

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Making common essentials like Q-tips, toothpaste and lotion accessible to your guests help to make them feel at home. It is also convenient when someone accidentally forgets their own items at home. Keeping a small stock of items, such as the small hotel shampoos and soaps, can be stored in the bathroom cabinets, a linen closet, or decoratively in baskets and glass containers.


Another way to quickly get ready for a guest is to gather sheet sets by a pillow case so they can be pulled out easily. This is also generally a great way to stack and store all of your sheets!


If you need help getting your guest room under control, contact Taylor for more information!