Modern Organization & Design offers services that transform your space from cluttered and frustrating to coordinated and enjoyable. Below is a list of specialties. Also check out Before & After pictures to see how Taylor transformed many different spaces. Please contact Taylor to find out more information or to schedule your consultation!

Room De-clutter & Organization:

Have your closets and bedrooms become overrun by the nick-nacs and household items that have been collected over the past few years making it difficult to find anything quickly? Let me help you go through the clutter and design an organizational system that works better for your lifestyle. We will purge the unnecessary items that you probably forgot were even there and bring back your ability to feel at ease within your home.

Garage & Storage Organization:

One of the scariest places to want to tackle for many people are garages and sheds, and rightfully so since these spaces become so quickly overrun by junk and chaos. Formulating systems in these spaces are key to overcoming the repeated clutter collection.

Kid’s Rooms & Playrooms:

Toys, toys, toys! Kid’s areas can often look like a tornado has gone through it after playtime. Much of this can be resolved by giving your children’s spaces more defined organization systems as well as teaching them the importance of putting items in their proper place. By putting bins and tubs in less traditional ways and making picking up more enjoyable, we will be able to keep your child’s space clear.

Office Spaces:

For those of you that work from home or need that space to organize your bills/paperwork, an office space is important. Having this space organized is of key importance in order to keep you working efficiently and not loosing important documents or items.

Room Refresh:

Have you lost the love for your room’s layout or decor? Let me help you bring back that spark! With simple rearrangements and some new select decorative items, you will again enjoy hanging out in your home.

Interior Decoration & Design:

When your space needs a little more than a touch up, let me help you do an overhaul in decor and style. I will get to know your personal style and needs within the space. From there, together we will create a new space that will be both functional for your life while being pleasurable to your senses.

Moving Organization & Preparation:

Did you just move into your new house and need help figuring out the best solutions to organizing your items? With all of the boxes and mess, this process can be very overwhelming. I can help get you into your new home quick and pain free, making your new house feel like home sooner while also ensuring that the organizational flow is set from the get go. MOD can also assist you when it is time to move out; assisting you in packing all of your items in an organized manner, making unpacking that much easier!

Home Staging:

When it is time to sell your home, it can be greatly beneficial to present your home that will appeal to the greatest number of buyers. By staging your home with what you already have and decluttering the main spaces, you are going to be able to find your buyer in no time!

For more information and to schedule your free consultation, contact Taylor!