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Stopping the Pantry Avalanche



Kitchen Pantry

Kitchen pantries are an area of the home that the whole family touches. Whether it’s looking for an after school snack, making some Christmas cookies, or putting away the groceries, the pantry can quickly turn from neat to a mix-mashed avalanche of can goods and powdered sugar. To help keep your pantry from this tiresome cycle, below are some tips to keep it tidy and accessible!

  1. Before designating the areas for each shelf/drawer, think of the how you use your food and who is getting it. (Always remember, there is no one way to organize, it just needs to fit your routine best.) Heavy items such as water, soda and other liquids are best placed towards the bottom so they aren’t difficult to lift, or leak onto other food items. Vice versa placing serving dishes, party napkins and other items that are accessed periodically on the high shelves opens up space for food that is used daily.

Self-Seal Containers

2. Baskets and containers are extremely helpful to keep the separation between the different food types. For products like flour and sugar, the self-seal clear containers are perfect and easily allow you to see of how much you have as well as keeping them from going bad. Simple plastic or wood baskets come in a variety of sizes to house snacks, chips, pasta and cans. Check out your local Container Store for many options that will fit your pantry perfectly!

3. Another great option besides baskets are the roll out drawers (as seen below). These give you the division of a basket, but also help to easily reach the back.


4. For all my Costco and bulk buyers, PLEASE take the items out of the box! Unless you have re-purposed the box as a bin, they become a major space hog within your pantry and can also make it difficult to really know what all you have. Taking the time to pull items out of the box will not only save you space within your pantry, but make it a lot easier to grab snacks and other goodies from your now organized pantry!


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