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Creating a Sewing Room That Isn’t Busting at the Seams!

Sewing Room

A recent client of mine had just moved into a new home, and needed to find a new system for all of her sewing supplies. As she sews for her business, she needed a space that was functional, organized, and provided a lot of surface area for her to work.

The first step in this process was creating a new layout in her sewing room. Before she had a cutting area in one room, the sewing station in another, and her office in yet another! Just to complete daily tasks she had to run all around her home. I combined all three of these functions into one room in a u-shaped layout, which provided quick transitions and an easy flow between each process.

Another benefit of combining all of the sewing and work materials in the same room is that it helps to eliminate unnecessary duplicate buying when you can’t find supplies because they are spread out. This idea can be applied to any craft, office, or workshop space. When you keep all like items together it makes it much easier to find as well as keep track of your inventory.

A final element that was added to this sewing room was wall storage for fabric, baskets, and thread. The combination of utilizing what she already had as well as introducing a few new organization features made this room very functional!

Thread Organizer

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