Organize Any Closet

Closet Before After

There are many simple solutions to make your bedroom closet more organized. Transform any closet, any size to make it more functional for the way you live!

Closet- After: above shelving storage

Utilizing baskets on upper shelves makes it easier to grab items down, as well as keeps everything neat and from hanging over the edges.

Closet  Master Closet

Have a lot of hats? Use Command hooks to take advantage of unused wall space. This is not only a cool way to display your hats, but also prevents them from being squished and deformed.

Hooper Closet

Shoe storage can be tricky, especially when your closet is small. However when thinking creatively, there are many different ways such as using old bookcases, expandable shoe racks, and plastic containers for long time storage that can be combined to make the perfect solution for you.

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