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Downsizing and Decluttering

Downsize Declutter

Throughout our lives, many of us will live in more than one home, fluctuating with our current lifestyle and needs. Once the kids have moved out and it seems to be only you and sparky roaming around, you may decide to downsize your home. This process can be very liberating, as it allows you to get rid of useless items, simplify your chores, and start fresh in a new space. However it also requires much decluttering, purging unnecessary items, and the always fun moving process.

With the help of professional organizing services, this transitional time can be much smoother. MOD’s organizer, Taylor, will work with you to sort through the essentials and must keeps to bring to your new home, as well as help decide what should be purged, donated, or sold. Once divided, she can get your items packed in an organized manner, making the move much smoother and easy to unpack. Lastly to start your home off on the right foot, let her help you construct an organizational system and flow for your new home. Rather than having to unpack all the boxes on your own and trying to figure out where to put your shoes, pots, and linens; let Taylor take care of that for you! Your new house will be feeling like home in no time.

For more information on how Taylor can help you, contact MOD!