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Meet MOD’s Organizer: Taylor

Being an organizer is a very intimate profession, requiring a lot of one on one time with my clients getting to know their needs and design tastes, as well as being comfortable with one another since they are inviting me into their home. So I thought I should allow for my clients and followers to learn a little more about myself.Taylor MOD

I was born and raised in Phoenix, where I also graduated from Arizona State University with a BA in Art Studies and minor in Business. At ASU I gained many of my technical design skills as well as expanded on my aesthetics and artistic styles. Growing up I gain my love of organization from my mother. With her we took on many home improvement projects not only for our home, but for many family members and occasionally as a volunteer project. These projects ranged from decluttering grandma’s Avon room, re-painting my room to my new favorite color, and Spring cleaning the garage. This instilled not only my passion for organization and home decor, but allowed for my natural skills to blossom.

Besides wanting to help others become more organized in their homes, I love to paint and create artworks for people to enjoy in their homes. My favorite pieces to create are those that are personal for those they are for, such as portraits or ones based on personal photos. Click here to view some of my art.

Abstract Lily

Whether I am redesigning a room or creating a painting, you can say that I enjoy making the visual environment beautiful, comfortable, and functional. To learn more about myself and MOD, click here!