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Simple Solutions

I have found many people have a misconceived notion that you have to spend a good amount of money in order to get your home organized, and there are many products available for purchase that can make organizing seem like a breeze. However when wanting to stay within a certain budget, keep in mind many projects primarily take your time and effort with no new purchases needed.

For many simple projects, such as closets, drawers or cabinets, utilizing items you already have can create the function in the area that you need. Old shoe boxes and other items can be recycled and given new life as space dividers and containers for places where they aren’t open for everyday display. Besides not having to splurge on pricey products, the real trick on creating and maintain an organized home is making sure the way your items are arranged makes sense, they are easy to access and the system can be reinforced by habit or reminders (such as labels). Though the current organizing products are fun and inventive, when your primary concern is budget know there are still many solutions to overcoming your clutter!

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