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Best Utilizing Your Cabinet Space

Do you struggle finding space in your cabinets or rearrange constantly trying to figure out what will work? Cabinets can be tricky because of their tight corners, deep nooks and also since they are enablers in the stuff and hide method. If you continue to loose the organizing battle with your  cabinets, try some of the below tips and regain control of these spaces!

Cabinet Organization

  1. Use containers to help separate different items. Especially when it comes to laundry rooms and storage spaces, small items  like screws, light bulbs and crayons can become quickly scattered if not contained. Using clear bins and labeling them will make it easier to keep track of all of these various items. Again CLEAR bins are recommended, they help you much better to see what is inside, while also preventing over purchasing.


2. Use rolling, pull out drawers. These drawer systems (like the ones above from The Container Store) make it easy to reach items placed in the back, while also acting as a dividing unit. I highly recommend this idea. However if you don’t have super deep cabinets, simple baskets that fit your cabinet can also get the job done.


3. A final quick tip is to use shelf dividers. These help take advantage of all the height space within the cabinet. There are many different styles from the shelf style (pictured above) to ones that will hang under a shelf (these are great for cups and plates). Make sure to measure your cabinet and check for any plumbing before deciding on your dividers to get the best fit. Check out some various dividers at The Container Store’s website.

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