Art Room-Offices: Creating Function and Expression

mod office art

For many of us artsy and creative people out there, your studio space and home office share the same spot. This can sometimes cause the room to look like an explosion while project are going on. In order to make your art/craft space more functional within your home office without feeling like your stifling your creative spirit, here are some ideas that can be easily implemented.

Distinguish between art supplies and home office materials. Especially if you keep files or have office materials that are used for specific functions, you don’t want them to get mixed up or accidentally spilled on by your art supplies. For example, I use an old dresser that I re-purposed to house both home office materials and art supplies. However one side of the drawer is “office” and the other is “art”. This also makes it much easier for others within the home to find items quickly.

Art closet

Find storage solutions that work for your art supplies. A big problem that can occur with art rooms is where to put your supplies as well as making clean up quick and easy. Combinations of open shelving and bin storage works very well for the multitude of shapes that come with art supplies.

A last tip is to make sure that you have enough open surface area, or room to set up a table, for you crafting needs. If you use too much of the available area for filing systems or accessories, then it may cause the need to do a lot of shuffling when you want to start a project.


If you want help creating a art-office space, contact Taylor!