Let’s Add Some Color!

There are many simple ways that you can add a pop of color into your home. By starting with more neutral tones as the base, accessories can be colorful, textured and fun as well as easily changed out with the seasons.


My recommendation for anyone that is adding color or decorating a new room is to being with an inspiration piece. This could be a pillow, rug, or an art piece that contains the color(s) that you want to bring into your space. From here make sure to stick with that hue and complimentary ones. Finding a paint chip that matches your inspiration color can be very helpful when your out shopping and can’t tell if a certain accessory is the right color or not. Another method I have found useful for selecting a color palette is looking them up on Pinterest. These are not only quick to find, but also show trendy colors and give you many options you might not have thought of.

Bathroom Counter Accessories

If you are looking for assistance bringing some color and accessories into your space, contact MOD!