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Organizing Small Spaces

Cabinet Organization

Corners, nooks and cabinets are some of the small areas of our homes that can be the most difficult and puzzling to organize because of their size. They are also the spots that quickly grow chaotic with clutter due to the small items we stuffed into them trying to hide them from view. By creating systems and structure in theses areas, this problem can be overcome and will most likely roll over to help organizing larger areas of your home much simpler.

When thinking about it, it is typically more cumbersome to try to find a home for a bunch of toiletries or office supplies than it is for a single large object like a chair. This is why we have a tendency to bundle all of these small objects into junk drawers or bins, typically with no rhyme or reason, just to get them out of sight. However when we actually need the item that was bundled, the search is a pain in the butt.

Therefore taking the time to properly organize and create a system for your cabinets, drawers and nooks is essential in order to lay a strong structure for the flow within your home. Though it may take occasional upkeep, needless digging and wasted materials will be a thing of the past!

For assistance on getting your small spaces structured, contact me!