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SIMPLE Organization

Closet Organization

When beginning an organization project for the first time, it can be overwhelming or seem frustrating. However creating systems that work for you can be very easy if you follow some basic guidelines. Here is how to organized the SIMPLE way: Sort like with like, Identify what to keep/trash, Make a home for it, Put it in containers, Label it, Establish a routine. Keeping these steps in mind, organizing any space no matter the size can be accomplished!

The idea of keeping like items with like is one of the most important when tackling overall clutter and organization throughout your home. Being diligent on this point prevents multiple areas of your house from collecting the same item, such as linens, office supplies, mail, and paperwork. By establishing homes for these like items, it makes it much easier and quicker to find what your need when you need it.

A final point to remember is to reinforce the hard work that you’ve done to conquer clutter with labels and establishing routines to keep your organization structure strong. Making sure that everyone in your household is aware of how your systems work and where everything goes is also critical in assisting organizational success!

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