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How to Decide What to Keep?


Do I love it? Do I use it? Do I have more than one? Can I get another? These are the questions you have to ask yourself when its time to purge those items that have begun to overtake a space. Most often seen in closets, doing an annual or semi-annual assessment of your clothing helps to weed out items that no longer fit, you never really liked in the first place, or have gone out of style. The purging processes is also very important for items like bath toiletries, paperwork, and within the pantry. For the most part clutter accumulates because we hold on to many of these small items, but forget to truly sort them or put them in a proper home. When you are able to see real inventories of these clutter-prone items, it makes it much easier to recognize when it time to get rid of the unused or when we are actually short on stock.

In most cases, the items that we hold on to are easily replaceable if we do end up needing it in the future. However asking yourself the above questions will help you judge whether you will be able to survive without an item, most likely you probably hardly remembered that you had that item in the first place. Let’s get your home organized by learning how to hold onto what you really need and use and throwing out the rest!