Finding Your Home’s Style


Do the terms eclectic, contemporary, or traditional seem hard to grasp when talking about home decor? For some people it can be very difficult to describe their style or the way in which they would like to decorate their homes. Maybe you just have never thought about it before. Discovering what stylistic themes best fit you really isn’t all that challenging, it’s really just about finding out about yourself and what you like.

To start, think of a couple words that describe your personality, such as whimsical, inviting or lively. These key words are great jumping off points of how the space you are decorating should feel. If you are a very vibrant persons, but end up painting your walls beige and stick to neutral tones, you most likely aren’t going to feel very at home within your space. It is always better to stick to what YOU like, verses trying to copy a trending photo.

Next do some research. I say this not to find out what is the current popular vibe, though you may connect to those pieces, but to find decorative items and furniture you may not have thought about before but really enjoy. Pinterest is one of my favorite places to do this because there is such an array of styles, colors and ideas that can be found. Be open, and make sure to take note of what you really like!

Lastly do not be afraid to make design choices. Interior design is constantly evolving, and it is very likely that your tastes will too. Luckily what your choose today is not set in stone and can be easily manipulated. Half the fun of decor is adding new pieces, changing it up with the season, and growing with your space!


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